What if we cared for our emotional health as often as our physical health?

Late Q1 is the time of year when fatigue first sets in. The holidays are long over, the weather is (depending on your location) still rough, and the first hurdles facing your well-laid 2015 plans are starting to rear their ugly heads.

So, what now? Guy Winch gives a great talk about the fact that we owe ourselves to treat our emotional injuries as swiftly and with the same professional and personal dedication as our physical injuries.

How does this relate to our world? Well, I took a couple of key takeaways from this that I think can universally be applied to PM stress:

-Practice better self-talk: don’t pile on when you’re already feeling stressed or down
-Know thyself: don’t keep pushing when you know you’re not in the right mindset to be productive or helpful
-Treat yourself like a good friend would: think about what they would say after that miss, disappointment or failure
-All about context: you could be surrounded by a million people and be lonely and you could have a million successes and feel discouraged; show yourself and others the respect that feeling bad is in the eye of the beholder

As a buddy once said, “it’s simply not possible to kill it every day.”

Spend 15min. and give yourself a little more credit, especially before Q2 planning starts.

Any takeaways that have particularly worked for you?

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