Ideate romantically, create pragmatically

A very well-written collection of tips from engineer turned designer, which is as much a treatise on good product development practices as it is tactical advice to make such a career transition.

PJ describes the future role of designers to be described better as a design technologist role, which I think isn’t a far cry from Product Manager in form and function.

There are a bunch of good tips, but two in particular I wanted to call out that have very little to do with a career transition but are in fact just excellent reminders for us as PMs, or humans, really.

Design everything you do: “The obvious areas are how you dress and how your house/apartment/room is organized. I would suggest not stopping there. Your emails should be written/composed clearly and beautifully. Your conversations with individuals should be designed through how you listen, how you maintain eye contact, how you respond (both spoken and unspoken).”

-I love this because it reminds me to bring the same purpose to the rest of my life and interactions as I do to work.

Ideate romantically, create pragmatically: “Our ideas should be bigger than reality, but our execution should be married to it. This allows us to see the grand future of a product while ensuring that it can exist to have any future at all.”

-All too often we get wrapped between both sides of this coin; having to execute tomorrow while also being reminded that we owe someone a grand vision of where we’re going. It’s hard to get that balance right and sometimes to get to that grand vision we need to live in that juicy middle of trying to execute such that it will someday have a future.

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