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We’re coming up on International Women’s Day and this is neither our first nor our last post on one of the most famous female CEOs in the world, let alone tech.

As we’re heading into the 20th anniversary of Yahoo!, I thought I’d share this great walkthrough of the history of the company and particularly the impact that Mayer has had since her arrival.

There is a significant discussion of how she pivoted the company from a media focus to a tech focus, started once again recruiting really exceptional engineering talent (going from 50 to 550 mobile engineers), and switching focus – “And for us, mobile, video, native and social—I use the shorthand MaVeNS—is the future.”

One of the things I liked most about this article is that Mayer is typically presented in a bullying light in the media, but this article points out how cool it is that she can school her own engineers.

“What I’m really proud about is building ourselves a future,” she says. “If you had told me two years ago we would basically have done this, I would have pinched myself. Does that mean that transformation is done? No. Does that mean we have successfully completed step one? That’s been great.”

Read on and enjoy!

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