Food for Thought: Startups and Security

2014 has been a tough year so far for privacy and security in the start-up world. Breaches have been common on some of the hottest startups, among themTinder, and Kickstarter, and recent concerns about the level of encryption at WhatsApp.

And, although Apple has been embroiled in its own issues (thank you forced updates for ruining my week last week), which reminds us that size doesn’t matter when it comes to imperviousness to attacks, startups seem to be particularly hard hit.

“There’s so much focus on acquiring customers and delivering products and services that security is not top of mind,” said Tripp Jones, a partner at August Capital, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm. Half-joking, he added: “For many companies, a security breach would almost be a nice problem to have in some cases. It means you have enough customers for someone to care.”NYTimes, 3/2/14

One thing that concerns me is that increasingly people will distrust our medium. No matter who’s at fault, I’m concerned that the technology industry and any implicit trust in our good behavior will be undermined by these breaches.

Have you stopped using any startups because of security concerns?

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