Choose-your-own-MUSIC Video-adventure

Remember those choose-your-own-adventure books back in middle school? Well, Interlude, an Israeli, VC-backed video site (founded by a rockstar and former host of Israeli Idol), has created the technology for achoose-your-own-adventure music video! Recently, they’ve partnered with increasingly famous stars, ad behemoth WPP, and Warner to bring this video experience to the mainstream.

Rather than me explain to much about how it works, I encourage you to just go try it out (the Bob Dylan or Wiz Khalifa versions are both cool), but suffice it to say you can interact with the video and the action will change based on your choices. For instance, want Wiz to crash a wedding or hit the bar, click the photo on his iPhone and decide for him!

As the founder of Interlude mentions in a recent NYTimes article, “90 percent of Interlude’s music video viewers make choices while watching,” which caters to a new kind of active viewer and places for brands to insert themselves in content rather than trying to approach a user that passively watches a pre-roll ad.

Will this have implications for YouTube as the video space continues to heat up?

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